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Payment Methods

We only accept the website above has written some payment accounts! In addition to all accounts marked outside the site are false! Please pay attention!




1.Credit card is a safe and fast way for you.(Notice: A credit card Payment can only be made once within 24 hours . )

A credit card payment amount was limited to $ 500. You pay more than this amount, the system will show unsuccessful. So, if you pay more than $ 500 when you pay, you'd better choose other payment methods:Western Union or MoneyGram.

Right now,we support payment by Visa Card, MasterCard and JCB Card.For this payment mode, you can pay online or pay down the line which please contact us and we will send you a payment link for working,very simple and convenient.

Thanks for your notice!

Credit Card Payment Method (2) (Notice: This Way Only Can Available Pay By Credit Card !!! , please do not pay by paypal)

Dear Clients, when your payment Unsuccessful by credit card on our website, please you can purchase this items of the link, and you need to change the quantity of the goods same as your order total amount, when you payment successful, pls inform us to process and ship your order accroding to you put on uusoccer information. thanks for your patient and cooperation.

 2.Our Western Unio(n) transfer information:

 3.Bank Transfer: 

Notice: Don’t write anything about the Payment remark. If you have to fill in it, please write down any about living expenses; don’t write any about business, trade and other Sensitive words.


Remark: Please go to the local bank for payment with our bank information.Bank people will advise you how to fill in the necessary information.Usually it will take 1-2 days for full account receipt.


4.Money Gram


First Name 

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