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Will a soccer jersey shrink?
2020-09-17 11:11:00

Will a soccer jersey shrink?

When buying an cheap soccer jerseys, many people question whether it is a fabric that will shrink over time or with every wash they give the garment. Given this, it is essential to keep in mind that this will not happen if it is an original jersey.

It is quite complicated to differentiate a cheap soccer jersey from an original one on many occasions since they are quite elaborate. However, it is possible to distinguish them into account certain aspects such as the fabric before use and washing.


Is it possible for a soccer jersey to shrink?

Nowadays, it is possible to find various cheap soccer jerseys in different stores, both in the city and online, where you can choose your preferred team's representative garment. As we know, it is possible to find a variety of soccer shirts.

However, it is possible that these garments, when poorly washed or according to the material they make, may shrink or even be damaged; this usually happens when the T-shirts are an imitation of the original model.

On the other hand, we must also point out that cheap soccer jerseys can shrink for other reasons such as manufacturing materials; sometimes, they naturally shrink overtime when wool.

According to the type of fabric the garment is made of, it is essential to know the best way to take care of it and wash it to avoid it from shrinking with time or looking bad because, as we all know, cheap soccer shirts are a garment to be worn whenever you want.

With all this, not only will you avoid shrinkage, but you will guarantee a long life to the garment, ideal for those people who collect the sportswear sold by the teams in each league or tournament in which they participate.


Tips to prevent shrinkage

Often, the cheap soccer jerseys that acquire in the different available stores (much in the online route as local) shrink by the use, the care, and the washing give to these.

Therefore, it is essential to take into account the following tips that will allow you to give them a useful life so that you can use them when you want and continue to look like the day they were purchased:

1. Know the type of fabric

The care for soccer shirts, and any sports garment, will vary according to the type of fabric; thus, if it is cotton, it should be washed with warm water and avoid the sun, while if it is wool, the procedure is different.

They sometimes know the type of fabric used to make the garments can be simple, as many people tend to detect it with just a touch. On the other hand, this specification can express on the garment's label.



2. Try to check your label.

As mentioned above, many of the specifications needed to preserve a T-shirt find on the label. Therefore, to acquire a cheap soccer jersey, we recommend you consult this information to know how to wash and take care of it.

3. Uses cold water

No matter the type of fabric, it is advisable always to wash them in cold water. It is because hot water can be a factor in the shirt's deformation due to its temperature. Therefore, always try to use icy water.

4. Soap matters

For many people, the T-shirts' appearance and shape can alter by the type of soap used. Many people recommend using premium soap to prevent shrinkage when drying clothes.

5. Avoid dryers

Because of the pressure that cheap soccer jerseys receive when they wash, they may stretch or shrink when put through the washing machine. Therefore, the recommendation is to dry them outdoors and on a flat surface to avoid this.

6. Sort the clothes

Another tip to keep in mind to avoid shrinkage is to separate them and wash them in groups according to their type of fabric. This way, you will save time in this whole cleaning process, and you will make sure that they do not shrink or stretch.

7. Hand wash

Finally, we must point out that many people recommend that, to prevent the clothes from shrinking, you can choose to wash them individually and by hand, using cold water and drying them in the open air.

Considering these aspects will be much easier to preserve clothes for a long time because, as many people know, when clothes wash incorrectly, they can shrink and deform.


Where can I get a quality soccer jersey?

If you are looking for a cheap soccer jersey to keep it from shrinking, you may find what you are looking for in various internet stores. However, you can also find these clothes in local stores at a tremendous cost.

Therefore, below we recommend some of the stores that have become popular because of the cost of the cheap soccer jerseys and their quality and durability.

o Aliexpress

No matter where you are in the world, this is one of the most popular stores for any soccer item you need. In addition to having reasonably affordable prices, you will find original shirts and coordinate the way you receive them.

o Amazon

One of the most popular stores in the world, here you will find everything you are looking for with different costs that adapt to your budget, at the same time that it is a platform that makes deliveries all over the world and where you will find branded objects.

o eBay

You will also find various cheap soccer jerseys, both originals, and replicas on this last platform, but of good quality. Here purchases can be coordinated with sellers, and you can compare the prices of all available shirts.